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Thanks for sharing Jon. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and to try and understand topics I don't initially agree with!

You make some good points, and... I am going to force myself to stop there, bite my lip and try and learn. :)


Part of this is probably personal experience. There are likely a few people who somehow manage to learn it all and do well, or maybe they just happened to learn things in the perfect order, but after seeing many people fail because they tackled far too much at once this is where I settled.

I suspect my own personal experience of not touching tests for the first few years also played a factor. I was really young (like 10-12yrs old) and didn't even know how to setup a LAMP server so I had to rely on free PHP hosts. If I had tried to dive into anything like testing I fear it would have scared me off or frustrated me because I couldn't get anything working.

I am saying all of this basically just to say - I think it's okay to disagree with the article. Your personal experiences might have given you a perspective that I can't truly appreciate the way you do. But I do appreciate you reading and trying to understand my perspective as well :)


My personal experience is a bit biased - because I'm a Tester in my day job, and not a "Developer".

I have however been learning about coding and programming for many many years (from when I was also about 10-12). And in fairness, I am still inexperienced at "Unit testing".

However from my experience as a Test Analyst/Test Engineer of some years, I would argue there is a vast world of "Testing" beyond unit and automated testing.

And I genuinely think some of the lessons from being a test analyst would hugely benefit new Developers.

So while the headline is "don't make new devs do testing" - and that I disagree with - I can 100% sympathise with "Don't make new Dev's learn how to implement assertions before they have even learned fundamental concepts".

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