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Day 1 : Myintrotoletuknow

liner notes:
Where to begin?
Well, my name is Dwane. Nice to meet you.

Today marks my first day as a JavaScript Developer Advocate at Nexmo / Vonage. Really excited about this position!

Not really expecting anyone to read these posts. haha Mostly for me to remember this part of my journey and work on my writing skills.

This is not my first developer job or blog (You can check out my previous posts, if you'd like at
When I started writing blogs, there was no and the API seems pretty cool, so here I am.

Sidenote: I've had the incredible luck of enjoying everyone and everywhere I was employed as a developer. Met really great people and got to work on some cool projects. Here's my Instagram post about the last place I worked:

I just knew that if I didn't take this new position, I would regret it.

What else?
My 2 main interests are HIPHOP and CODE, so there will probably be a lot of that on here.
I have a college radio show called OUR show that I've been doing at Rollins College for over 11 years this year. Really enjoy doing that. You can check out the show at Here's the cover from the last show:
September 28th OUR show cover image

I also like to go to local tech meetups... like a lot! haha So much so that I created a site that lists upcoming events and I'll even live stream some. You can check it out at

I think that's it for now. Going to get ready to start my first day! Another cool perk is that it's a remote position. No more hour long commutes!

Thanks for your time.

Have a great day!
Dwane (I've got to update my site so that it pulls my posts instead of Medium)

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