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Day 238: Make It Work

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Got a few things done early and went back to working on a demo for blog post that has been giving me trouble. Still working on it. There are so many ways to do things and options that can be changed and break what you are working on. hahaha Especially when it's a framework and there's so many things that were done for you behind the scenes. I'll make it work though.

  • Personal : Got the authorization part working for my side project. It's for the chat functionality. The user types in their username, that goes to the backend where the user is created, then added as a member to the chat room and then a JWT is generated that allows the user access to the chat. Now I just need to work on the chat app itself now that there are users that can use it. Good thing is that I've basically made a chat app for work recently. Shouldn't take too long. I was just too tired last night.

View from the shore of a lake in Hector Lake, AB, Canada with a forest and mountain range in the distance

Going to see if I can get this demo working for my upcoming blog post. I feel like I'm so close. If I can get that working, I'll finish up the chat room for my side project. Back to work.

Have a great night!

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