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Day 255: Look In The Sky

liner notes:

  • Professional : Another pretty chill day. Had a team meeting. Team member got to demo what we've been working on. Worked with no problem. Spent the rest of the day working on documentation. It was pretty grey and rainy all day because of the Tropical Storm passing through, but it's a lot better now. It was wild, when I look in the sky, I could see the clouds race across the sky.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through some tracks for the radio show, edited the recording from the last show and sent it to the station to be played this week. Did a little work on my new side project.

Sunset on the Brecon, United Kingdom mountain range

Spoke to a few more meetup organizers about using my site to host and stream their events. Signed up a couple so we'll see how the demo walk through goes. I'll probably go through more submitted tracks and work on my side project some more.

Have a great night!

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