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Day 26 : Situated

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Had a good time doing the radio show. You can check it out here: .

John Witherspoon sitting in a wicker chair

  • Sunday : So the time shift happened and I think that messed me up! haha I just couldn't really get up to do anything till later in the day. I went over to my folks place to look for some materials to using in something I'm making. Watched some anime and did a little research, studying and coding.

  • Professional : Today was another rough one. Started my day of setting up a return of something I bought that was defective. My trial period on my code editor was up and I'm supposed to be getting my license soon. Glitch was down for most of the day. Basically did some research for what I wanted to work on for the week. Also, set up my 401K, I think. haha.

  • Personal : After work, I headed out to the Orlando Devs meetup. Found out this morning that they wanted me to stream the event. Thing is that I have never had any luck getting it to work at this particular venue. Pretty sure it's something with the restrictions placed on the WiFi. Never had these types of problems anywhere else. I was put on an email chain and said what I was using and what I think the issue may have been. Not sure what happened, but everything worked out. You can check out this video and more at Here's the video:

view from a bridge of a house between water fields and mountains in Bariloche, Argentina

So yeah, it wasn't until I got situated at the meetup that I realized that I hadn't posted today. Just so many things happening. Didn't get a chance to write till I got home. I'm tired and going to bed. Might do some website data structure planning. Oh and I bought a new domain name. haha

Have a great night!

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