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Day 321 : Different

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Cleaned up some of the code from the Web Components demo I made. Going to show it tomorrow in a meeting. Speaking of meetings, I had a couple. One was a talk prep session and the other was a company-wide presentation. Had a quick chat with a team member to get my opinion on something they were working on. Walked around the park a few times. Did a bunch of different tasks today.

  • Personal : Last night I was able to get my upload application to display previews of multiple images and then upload each image one at a time and display which one is being uploaded and display a link once that image has uploaded. That was a horrible sentence. haha I'm tired. Finished it pretty late. Did some more research and went to sleep.

View from a log partially in the lake, looking up at a gray mountain in the distance with a pine tree forest surrounding the late

Now that I know the upload application can work, I'm going to turn it into a Svelte application and start saving information to a database. Hopefully I can get that knocked out quickly. I need to add authentication also. That means I'll need to be able to add the users to the database first which means I need to get back to my admin application. So I'll have to start there. Going to get something to eat and get to coding.

Have a great night!

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