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Day 393 : Trouble

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew...I thought today was going to be a "no meeting, get stuff done" day. Nope. Got brought into a couple of conversations and helped out with some community questions. Took more time than I originally thought. Also ran into a little tech issue that kind of blocks me. I was only really able to update some documentation with some explanation and code samples.

  • Personal : Last night, I totally refactored how my side project handles members being invited and banned. A lot less trouble to keep track of things. We'll see how it works when people actually (hopefully) start using it. Also, worked out the layout for the break session of the dashboard portion. Now just have to hook up the buttons and get elements placed.

A dirt road in Tagamanent, Spain with some trees and shrubs on the side that leads to a valley

Tonight, I really want to get the invite functionality working where from the dashboard, I can invite a person to a video call to test their setup before going live. From there, I'll be able to broadcast the video and have that show up on the site for everyone else. At least that's the game plan I'm working with. Back to work.

Have a great night!

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