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Day 421 : Jam

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : Got up early to finish putting together the radio show. Also did a little coding for my live online study group that I do on Sundays. Pretty chill day. Had fun doing the radio show as usual. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a NASA satellite photo showing the amount of Red Tide in the Tampa Bay with the words July 31st 2021 215 Million

  • Sunday : Spent the day doing and getting some tasks done. Super happy that everything worked. After doing a live stream, once I hit "stop broadcast", the video recording is uploaded to the archive, a thumbnail is created, any highlight videos from viewers, and now I get some details about the video generated. During the work sessions, I did the post radio show promo work, laundry and did some research. Afterwards, I watched an episode of "Fire Force", "Kevin Can F Himself" and "Rick and Morty".

  • Professional : Pretty good day today. Had a couple of pair programming sessions and helped out some folks. Responded to a question from the community. Then I worked some on a blog post I've been putting together. It was raining pretty much all day so that made me pretty tired.

  • Personal : I'm pretty happy with how is turning out. The code I'm writing is working for the most part. There are a couple of things I want to fix, but I think I can leave it where it is right now and work on other things like building out the inside of my van. Going to order a few more of the hydraulic lifts and when I take my next vacation, start putting together the shell. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. I want to finish up some projects so that when I come back, I'll be starting fresh.

Overhead view of an orange rocky cliff in Sagres, Portugal that is over the ocean with some rocks sticking out of the water

Going to eat dinner and watch "Fire Force" (I'm almost caught up!). I'll probably get a head start and listen to tracks for the radio show. After that, I may take a look at a bug where if someone includes hashtags in their to do list, when they click the tweet button, it doesn't show up and I think it's because the hashtags aren't being escaped in the URL and that will jam things up. I'll see if it's a quick fix. Think I'll go to bed early. I've been pretty tired.

Have a great night!

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