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Day 472 : West Coast

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a bunch of back to back meetings today. Then I revisited an earlier web application to start to add some more functionality to it. Also, getting ready for a meeting with some folks over on the West Coast so it's a little later for me. Did some preparation for a live stream that I will be a part of tomorrow.

  • Personal : Went through tracks for the radio show last night. Watched an episode of "Squid Games" and pretty much called it a night.

A photo at sunset of a field in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada with green grass, a couple of trees and mountains in the distance

Going to have this meeting soon. Then I want to work on my side project's settings page which will turn on and off the functionality. Definitely watch an episode of "Squid Game" and maybe listen to tracks for the radio show.

Have a great night!

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