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Day 480 : Drop

liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew! What a day! Got up early to attend some meetings for our offsite group thing that was online, haha. In-between meetings, I worked on my demo application. I pair programmed with a teammate and fixed some things for the server of the demo application I'm working on. Then we had more meetings. On breaks, I tried to help out with some community questions and work on the demo application. Got some new functionality almost fully working. Then stayed a little late helping get some community questions answered. I didn't want to leave the people hanging or just drop it on my teammates. I'm off for like 2 weeks!

  • Personal : Last night, I worked on the small annoyance that popped up when I fixed the bigger issue with my side project. I'm using a framework that tries to ship little to no JavaScript when it's not needed. So I have a UI element on the front page that is purely for show and not functional. On another page, the element does stuff where JavaScript is needed. Because I had to pivot to get main functionality working, it seemed as if I would have to load JavaScript on the front page because it looked like the framework wouldn't be able to build properly. Did a bunch of research and trial and error, but I actually got it working! Did some dynamic import based on a condition and refactored my code so that I grouped all the JavaScript so I could only use it when needed. Got everything uploaded and it still works!

The Canyonlands, UT, USA orange landscape with a lot of canyons and mesa (flat topped mountains) in the distance under a blue sky with a few clouds

So...2 weeks... I know the time is going to fly by! I want to make A LOT of progress on my van build. I want to finish up my current side project. Those 2 things in addition to catching up on anime is what I would like to get done. Wish me luck!

I'll still be doing my radio show on Saturdays at and study group on Sundays at

Have a great night! See you in 2 weeks!!

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