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Day 531 : Stand Up

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Got a bunch of stuff coded for a project I've got coming up. It's a workshop centered around Web Components. Had a meeting with my manager and got some pretty good news. Did some more coding. Also gave a quick demo of the application I help create last month. Glad to see everything was still working. haha. We had such a quick turnaround time to stand up the project, but we used Web Components so each part can stand on its own and I think that helps. Not a bad day.

  • Personal : Made some pretty good progress on my side project. I'm learning quite a bit. There's actually 3 main parts, the dashboard/admin, front end, and a place where some content is held. Each one is deployed separately but shares the same database and backend. Didn't get to watch any anime last night though. Oh and I got a chance to sleep in the heated sleeping bag I bought. Not too bad. I had it on the medium setting. I wasn't freezing during the night, so I guess it works.

Looking out into the ocean from a beach in Marine Street Beach, CA, USA at sunset with 5 seagulls flying in the center of the photo

Almost there. haha Just got one little hiccup that I think I know how to fix from another part of the site I was working on. Once I get the framework done, I can start to work on the actual content. Alright, going to get something to eat and then get back to work. Wish me luck!

Have a great night!

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