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Day 551 : Warning Bell

liner notes:

  • Professional : Been working on an upcoming workshop. I'm redoing some of the examples so that it all can be done in the browser. Right now, there's parts that need the terminal and I'm not sure everyone attending the workshop will have access. So, I took today to try and replicate the steps needed to create a Web Component, publish it and then use it in an application. Good news is that I got it working. Took some effort, but I think it will make things more straight forward in long run. So I figured out how to create the Web Component and publish it and redid three example applications to use the Web Component. Not bad for a day with a couple of meetings sprinkled throughout the day.

  • Personal : So I tried packing my suitcase for my trip last night. Yeah... I'm going to have to lose some clothes. haha. It fits, but barely. Plus my job is going to be sending me some shirts to wear at events. I also added a new feature to my side project. I can now display Tweets on the livestream. I think the site is in a good enough state to push it out and maybe have people use it. I think there is just one more feature to add that will help me do some work without it showing on the site. Basically a draft functionality. Got the tweets working, then there was a tornado warning that lasted till after midnight. My phone and computer kept sending off Warning Bells and notifications. Once it was over, I just went to sleep.

View of the snow covered mountains of Mont Blanc, France with a brown mountain goat in the foreground looking at the camera.

Been charging some cameras all day. Good news is that a charger that I thought was broken is actually working. Going to test a set up I had in mind for doing video interviews. Hopefully it all works. Not sure if I'll have time to test the livestream. I want to get the draft feature working so that I'll be able to work on the site without it showing up on the front page.

Have a great night!

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