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Day 604 : Tall Tales

liner notes:

  • Professional : Since I was pretty productive during the week, I didn't have much to finish up. Just followed up with some stuff and finalized some tickets. Good way to go into the weekend. Plus we got to take a half day so I finished up early and started my weekend early.

  • Personal : Last night, I started studying Kanji with WaniKani. I'm liking the way they have it set up. They tell some tall tales to get you to remember the characters. Looking forward to studying more. Did some work on the feature for my side project. I added a form. Now just to get it to do some validation and then send data to the backend.

View from a mountain over overlooking a forest, lake and other brown and white stripped mountains in the distance in Peyto Lake, AB, Canada

Going to finish up putting together tracks for the radio show and study more Kanji! Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Have a great night and weekend!

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