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Day 61 : Walk into the New Year like..

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Had a really good time for the last radio show of the year. Played a bunch of great music and spoke with people from all over. You can check out the show recording at

Cover of December 28th OUR show episode with the date, a graphic of 2020 where the zeros are two the OUR show logos and text saying "End of Decade?".

  • Sunday : Slept over night in the van. Another good night. Before going to sleep, I worked on coding up my side project. Got up pretty early and headed back home because there was some things I wanted to get done for work and left my work laptop home. So for the rest of the day, I did some stuff for, watched some anime and worked on my side project. Got some stuff working, but not as consistent I would like.

  • Professional : Got together a rough draft for a report I've been working on and submitted it to my manager. Got some good feedback and I'm on the right track. Spent the rest of the day working on a talk I'm going to give in a few weeks.

  • Personal : So over the weekend I was able to get the RevealJS presentation into a Svelte/Sapper app. It wasn't as stable as I would like so I've been diving more into the Svelte documentation.

View from a mountain over the clouds in Haleakala Crater in Hawaii

So yeah, going to keep working on getting RevealJS and Svelte to play nice together for the rest of the night. Trying to walk into the new year like I got this working! haha I'm off tomorrow, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! See you in 2020!

Have a great night!

peace piece
Dwane / conshus /

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