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re: I need to learn vue.js because I started at new job this week. Some advice...? PD: sorry for my bad english!

Nowadays, there are almost always good resources to learn from.
If and what is suitable for you the most depends on your background. Have you learned similar frameworks before? Angular? Aurelia?

The best thing to do is to:

  1. Learn the basic background info and characteristics via the VueJS website.
  2. Watch the free course on Vuemastery
  3. Follow their Get started information

This will get you some basic concepts. But, to be honest: I hope these links aren't new to you since it was a quick google and looking on their website. 5 minutes of worth.

It's this resourceful mindset that you need to have as a developer:

  • define what you need to build
  • chop it up in small functional pieces
  • find online resources that help you to learn what you need to know
  • build it
  • get help from Stack Overflow and other communities targeted at helping each other out on a coding level.

I wish you all the best with your new job! 💪🏻🎉

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