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I need to learn vue.js because I started at new job this week. Some advice...?

PD: sorry for my bad english!


Nowadays, there are almost always good resources to learn from.
If and what is suitable for you the most depends on your background. Have you learned similar frameworks before? Angular? Aurelia?

The best thing to do is to:

  1. Learn the basic background info and characteristics via the VueJS website.
  2. Watch the free course on Vuemastery
  3. Follow their Get started information

This will get you some basic concepts. But, to be honest: I hope these links aren't new to you since it was a quick google and looking on their website. 5 minutes of worth.

It's this resourceful mindset that you need to have as a developer:

  • define what you need to build
  • chop it up in small functional pieces
  • find online resources that help you to learn what you need to know
  • build it
  • get help from Stack Overflow and other communities targeted at helping each other out on a coding level.

I wish you all the best with your new job! 💪🏻🎉


I’d recommend you to learn the fundamentals of JS and then you can learn any js framework you want.




App development is mostly done with Xamarin, Visual Studio (for Mac) and Azure.

But Ionicframework is also a viable option for the Mobile app stuff.

I use Parallels with Visual Studio for Windows since there are some nicer templates in the windows variant. We use this for API and backend development.

nb: we're always exploring and checking other options like Flutter, to keep a good vision of what the market is moving towards and to keep up to date. But our knowledge is our strength and we use that with the MS stack right now.

Azure DevOps and App Center are also used often for project management, SCM and test distribution of app solutions.

Other tools

  • Trello for planning
  • Wordpress for blogging, we use to pivot product ideas and create landing pages.
  • Sketch and Invision Studio for screen designs and visualizations
  • OneNote for note keeping
  • Office 365 for document stuff and communications, Teams for in-house chatter
  • We use some SaaS like Zapier for PoC setups etc.

Thanks for the information. You have a great set of tools/ stack.

You're welcome. I don't believe in an "ideal stack". I believe in finding the stack that suits your team's knowledge, context, and purpose in the best way possible.

For now, it's the one stated above. We'll see where we'll be in the next 5 years 😅

Personally, in my team we love dotnet stack and it has been meeting our needs. Notwithstanding, like you said, it depends on what works for a team. Thanks for your response.


Our startup is located in Maastricht area, but we can always talk about possibilities, remote, .. etc


Send me an email via edwin[dot]klesman[at]proteges[dot]eu with your cv and contact info and we'll contact you in a few days 🙌🏻


Is your job fun or do you get bored when you go to work ?


Working at a startup is just like diving in the deep water with a blindfold and a big chest of gold chained to your arms... You need to get a view of what's happening, how you can provide value and get revenue and build stuff that's wanted.
You also need to get that chest of gold to safety without drowning...

Okay, perhaps this is a little exaggerated, but I'm not bored.

  • I learn new stuff every day
  • Besides coding, networking, marketing, product defining, customter interviewing and acquisition.. there is a lot that you can learn..

It's awesome (tough, but awesome)


How was your journey that transformed you to become a tech lead at a startup you are currently in?


You can check out a summary of my career at another article here.

I've gone from we development to mnative mobile development to cross platform mobile developer to Tech lead.

But to be honest, it was mostly my personal interest and the context where I was "diving into" that gave direction to my path. Not the literal job I was executing before.
Let me know if you have any questions after reading my intro ✌🏻️


Haha I'm out of that scene for many years. But I work across the Mississippi in Maastricht 😂


What do you build in your spare time? I’m trying to find a side project to start, but not sure what.



I've stopped focussing solely on coding stuff since I discovered my true goal about 1,5 years ago:

Building products and/or services that provide value and gain me revenue so I can create products independently

*My current side-projects *
I've stopped a couple of side-projects (like since I think shipping is way more important than starting a whole bunch of things. Still a little list though, but I prioritize my side-projects and focus on the top 3 the most for now.

So while I have a Trello board full of app-related ideas, my current side-projects are (ordered by primary focus > less focus):

  • a website dedicated to bringing you mindshaping content that helps makers to build viable products & documenting my journey as I use the approach on this website for myself to build viable products
  • a video course to teach others the workflow and (free) tools that I use to implement content marketing. It saves them time and effort to use my workflow. (pivoting the idea in Dutch - my native language - to see if there is interest and do it the easiest way, but English is planned as well)
  • [topsecretname]: a mobile app that helps you to get your pictures organised and labeled fast
  • a mobile picture-taking game that let's you play with family, friends or colleagues

ps: inspired by your question, I wrote this post on Dev.To 😄

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