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10 YouTube Channels for Learning Web Development

YouTube is a great tool to improve your coding skills, efficiency, speed, understanding.

Take it this way, as a developer it is often recommended you go to GitHub, download or clone some projects to view their codes and learn how they were able to solve some problems or their approach to solving that problem.YouTube channels are same, in fact you get to watch others code, solve problems in their way and you can code with them as you watch.

YouTube videos are popularly subdivided into different parts i.e Crash Courses, Courses, Projects Making, Tips & Recommendations, Advice & Experience etc. Being divided into these, be guarranteed that you will learn a lot from watching these videos from the channels am about to list out (as well as other channels of course).

So what am going to do now, is list out (in no particular order) the channels I recommend you subscribe to and why.

Note: The number of YouTube subscriptions for each channel is only valid as of when writing this.

1. Traversy Media:

Traversy Media is one of the most influential channels on YouTube and that is because a lot of programmers including myself find it very helpful.

Traversy Media has videos that are mostly around full-stack development involving crash courses, courses and projects making with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, Django, MERN stack, React, Vue, Python, MongoDB, NodeJs, ExpressJs, SASS, Restful API, PHP, Flux, Angular, GraphQL, Firestore, etc.

Videos from this channel also cover Android Development with React Native, Java, Kotlin, etc, Tips & Recommendations. This channel also features Guest Creators with videos on Figma, UI Design, Tailwind, C++, R, Machine Learning, Ruby on Rails, etc. Check it out.

YouTube Subscribers: 1.34 Million Subscribers

2. FreeCodeCamp:

Covering almost all aspects of coding is the FreeCodeCamp YouTube Channel.

This channel covers videos on Tips, Recommendations, Project making, Courses. With videos involving Kotlin, Algebra, Python, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Flutter, Firebase, SQLite, React, WordPress, Object-Oriented Programming, UI Designs, APIs, Data Science, etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.82 Million Subscribers

3. Programming with Mosh:

Mosh Hamedani is one of the most experienced tutors I have encountered. He has a very nice approach to explaining concepts (behind the hoods) of programming.

The Programming with Mosh YouTube Channel has videos that are mostly Courses, Tips, Questions, and Answers as well as Job Interview Preparation. Though the courses on this channel are almost not always the complete ones, you can always purchase the complete ones on their official website.

The beautiful thing is that the half courses released in this channel are mostly all you need because it contains the basics of that complete course.

Videos on this channel involve C#, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJs, React Native, Python, REST API, etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 1.43 Million Subscribers

4. DesignCourse:

As the name of the channel implies, it is a channel for designers. This channel has influenced me positively in terms of designing. It gave me confidence in designing anything.

When you have confidence as a designer, it simply means you know what you're doing, and when you know what you're doing, you're assured that you're doing it right

The DesignCourse Channel has a lot of videos on Project making and Corrections, Courses, Recommendations, etc. You'll a lot from this channel.

YouTube Subscribers: 700+ Thousand Subscribers

5. Dev Ed:

The Dev Ed YouTube Channel is a very interactive channel with a funny tutor. Videos are constantly made around Tips, Recommendations, Projects, etc.

Videos on this channel involve Python, JavaScript, React, UI & UX, HTML, CSS, NodeJs, etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 505 Thousand Subscribers

6. The Net Ninja:

The Net Ninja YouTube Channel is a very organized YouTube channel that offers Crash Courses, Courses in a properly arranged series.

Videos on this channel involve Vue, JSON, CSS, Firebase, Bulma CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, Deno, TypeScript, etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 609 Thousand Subscribers

7: Web Dev Simplified:

As a web developer you also need this channel. This channel has videos on coding tips, recommendations, projects making etc.

Videos on this channel involves JavaScript, React, CSS, HT, NodeJs, MongoDB, GraphQL, SQL etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 367 Thousand Subscribers

8: Online Tutorials:

This channel is based on animations!, animations!!, animations!!!. You wanna be a CSS3 animation guru, then I fully recommend this channel.

Similar to the Online Tutorials YouTube Channel is the Easy Tutorials YouTube Channel

YouTube Subscribers: 402 Thousand Subscribers

9: Adrain Twarog:

The Adrain Twarog YouTube Channel contains videos on Questions and Answers, Projects Making, Tips, Live Coding, Recommendations etc.

The vidoes on this channel involves JavaScript, React, CSS etc.

YouTube Subscribers: 52.7 Thousand Subscribers

10: CS50:

The CS50 YouTube Channel is a very interactive and insightful channel to learn a lot from. With teachings from David J. Malan and Brian, you will definitely have little or no problem in understanding web development.

Videos from this channel are very broad, anyways it involves Python, JavaScript, AIs, SQL, Algorithms, Core Coding Concepts, Live Questions and Answers

YouTube Subscribers: 600 Thousand Subscribers


Many others are not named here, but these should be like a starting point to explore more awesome YouTube channels. But while doing this, always have in mind, the purpose of doing it (subscribing or watching videos) that is to develop yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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Not nearly as large as the mentioned ones, but constantly growing 😅 (my own channel, feedback very much appreciated)

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Elijah Trillionz

Lots of great resource there. Definitely a channel to learn from.

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Thanks for your positive feedback. I very much appreciate it.

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Iain Freestone

I have just subscribed, your videos look very interesting and extremely well produced. Look forward to watching properly later

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Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I hope you think that way also after watching properly.

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list of some others

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Wat about clever programmer these guys that code with love examples

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Elijah Trillionz

I am not sure what you mean

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Kevin M. Mansour

Nice but DevEd not DavEd .. Thanks

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Elijah Trillionz


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Justin Brooks • Edited

Shameless plug here:

Working on creating my own channel for web development. Check it out and feedback appreciated:

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Jishnu R

Let me mention fun fun function also here