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My sweet, sweet potato! :3 One of the stalks is George.



It's grown so much since CodeLand Conf! 🀩
moar growth


Awwww look at that tail wagging!


First one up, my dog Cora! She is a 7-year-old greyhound and loves a good nap.



And of course, cat time! 😸😸

Like Cora, my kitty Jade loves to nap (quite regularly on her back!)


Then there's Icarus that loves forts!



My cat Oscar is watching the birds while I watch the talks 🐦

A fluffy black and white cat is staring out the window


Update: he is now lying in a cardboard box next to my desk (which of course he loves more than the cat bed I bought for him) πŸ˜‚ Fluffy black and white cat is lying in a cardboard box stretched out with white belly showing


of course he does! :)


Here's my boy Ditox, looking at me while I'm working, he always want to be at my side <3

He begins like this (Hi hooman):

And then like this (I want you to pet me and give you kisses):


That's so cute! 🐢  Is he a golden retriever mix of some sort?


I think so, If i press the Google Lens button on my pixel 4 XL, google finds basque shepperd, new scotland retriever, golden retriever and so, but he's 3 years old and weights 13Kg only so I don't know the ReMix on him hahaha


My cat:

His brother:

They're littermates, but cat 1 clearly favors me and cat 2 clearly favors my boyfriend, and they tolerate each other. They both wanted all over my lap during the conf talks <3


This is Sweetie and she really is a sweetie unless you start a discussion on squirrels or say Windows is better then Linux....

Sweetie on a yoga mat

Shes a better photographer then I am too.. :)


Sleepy Audrey, a tri-color beagle, is 10 weeks old this week.


And Current, who just turned 7 last week! More pics of her at current-times.tumblr.com/


Happy belated birthday to Current! πŸŽ‰


Here are my two, helping me code by sleeping as close to me as possible.
Two spaniels sleeping either side of a laptop on a sofa

Winnie also has a habit of placing herself in my vision when she has decided I'm not paying her enough attention.
A brown and white spaniel pushes her face up against a woman's face.


My very sweet poofkin Liza Jane sat with me for most of the events.