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Is it Hype or Mobile Ecommerce is Actually a Breakthrough?

Wherever in the world you go, e-commerce or m-commerce is the talk of the town. Millions of companies and business use these applications to generate billions of revenues. Traditional business across developed countries switched to electronic commerce in order to get the first mover advantage in the industry.

It seems like each source of media is commenting on m-commerce nowadays. No matter what sort of internationally acclaimed content you pick, at least some space is dedicated to mobile e-commerce. It might be on its features, applications, benefits, expansion, upcoming technologies, and so on and so forth. The point is that this latest technology is receiving great exposure globally.

If you haven't come across its applications and use, you may doubt on its popularity. However, for all those who are addict of their smart phones, know precisely that the technology has changed the lives of many. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the world is now actually on your fingertips.

Reluctance and Resistance

The above content doesn't mean mobile applications of e-commerce are collectively accepted by everyone. Facts reveal that there always happens to be at least one segment in the market that shows resistance against innovative products and ideas. In particular marketing terminology, we call that segment as a group of 'Laggards.'

Unlike innovators and early adopters who buy and use/consume every new arrival, laggards do not only avoid purchasing that item but also show unlikeness for it. However, after a particular time period when that product becomes too common in a given society, laggards start purchasing it.

The idea of mobile e-commerce and e-commerce web solutions has yet not proceeded to the level of mass acceptance. Traditional thinking of several business tycoons and commercial entities hinders them from trying the absolutely astonishing features of m-commerce.

24/7 Business

The single most convincing point about e-commerce applications in smart phones is that business can now take place round the clock, throughout the year. Whether you are at your workplace on a weekday, socialising with friends on a weekend, or relaxing at home on a public holiday, shopping is just so easy. Simply take out your smart phone and buy whatever you need. Time and place is no more an issue.

Easy Payment

Ease of shopping is coupled with the convenience of payment too. Buy and pay online via plastic money.

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