My First Post, and I want you guys to be part of it!!

Hi guys! I am new here at, I'm trying to get the job right here and developed my online portfolio.

It would be an honor to have some feedback/suggestions from the great community of and gain more knowledge from you guys!!

Here is my portfolio:

Thank you very much!

Update: I have updated some the site as of today 8/11/2018 SGT.

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Welcome! I'd advise you remove this self-deprecating talk from your website: "Not a designer", "I'm not a homegrown web designer that creates wire frames, mock ups or templates but have an eye for design specifically for UI/UX", etc.

If you're not a designer or hard core UI developer, fine, but by mentioning it up front you're telling the prospective employers that you don't value your own skills and are not confident. For instance, imagine if the person who developed the PHP language wrote this in his CV: "Not a great C++ developer", it totally destroys all credibility.

I'd show demonstrate your strengths, shout them out, and keep silently working on your weaknesses.

Also, have a "Projects" section in your site where you can have links to (or screenshots, or both) to stuff you've built, along with a little paragraph on what the project was, what challenges you faced, what you learnt, etc.

All the best! 😊

Thank you so much for the feedback/suggestion, i will keep that in mind and update the site in no time, as per the "Projects" section I am still on the works building the component for it. tbh, i was just excited to deploy it =D

Thank you again!

Looks clean and loads fast on my machine. I can't design if my life depends on it, so I can't give pointers on that 🀷. Aside from the links aren't pointing anywhere, I think React is overkill for a static page, no? Though I'm inclined to believe this is a work in progress, which in that case maybe put React to use and make an email form instead of a mailto.

Good luck on your job hunt, a ton of opportunities lie in Metro Manila so be sure to add that to your queries (if your situation permits.) If you reside in NCR anyway then much better. That's all I have, welcome to!

Yes correct! It is currently a work in progress, I have personally chose plain old React to build its core instead of just Gatsby for I have plans to integrate dynamic content on my site in the near future and also I wanted to be a personal playground too since I really wanted to pursue a React-ish job =D

I always wanted to be in Metro Manila but as you have said the situation doesn't permits me to do so, I'm from Region I btw =D Nice meeting you here buddy! Thank you for welcoming me!

Hi Enrique, if you can, include some specifics about projects or technologies you've worked with. If you could link to some things that people can see or access in some way, that would also be good. Best of luck!

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