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Difference between coding and programming??

Technology has grown much faster than everything else. All the technology is developed because of coding and programming.

So what's the difference between coding and programming.


Because computers do not understand human languages. Coding allows humans to communicate with the computer. Code instructs the computer which tasks to be performed and what things to do. Learning code also helps develop applications, websites AI tools and even Internet of Things(IOT) among others.

How code works

Coding is a process of establishing a successful communication between a software program and the computer hardware. The compilers translate the program into assembly language. The coding process converts the assembly language to Binary Coded Signals.


Programming is an act of designing and developing a logical software solution to the problem statement. It involves designing and developing the algorithms, flowcharts, and implementing the solution using a programming language.

How Programming Works?

Programming is a complex task. Unlike coding, programming is carried out in Stages. Following are the stages of programming a software application.

  • Problem Statement
  • Designing Algorithms and Flowcharts
  • Software Development
  • Software Documentation
  • Software Maintenance

Tools Used in Coding

Coding uses traditional code/program editing tools like notepad, notepad++, Eclipse, and so on.

Tools Used in Programming

Programming tools are not confined to only editing a program. It involves interoperability between different software applications via data connectors. A software web application might have to store and manipulate data in a database and many more.


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Top comments (7)

adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

Alright I'll bite... there is no difference. A programmer writes code therefore they are a coder it is just semantics and anyone saying otherwise is coming from the days of C and Lua scripts.

miketalbot profile image
Mike Talbot ⭐ • Edited

Well I've been coding for 42 years this year, and I don't recognise the difference you suggest here. Programming literally means setting a program of things for the computer to follow, you write programs in code - therefore coding and programming are practically the same thing.

Coding - the act of writing computer code.
Programming - the act of writing code to tell a computer what to do.

I see that your argument is coming from the level of "programming requires a higher level language and design" - tell that to the guys that were writing programs using machine code on punch cards - the first people programming didn't have any of the tools you suggest - but they probably did draw flow charts :) The UI for debugging a punch card leaves a little to be desired.

Programming with punch cards

I'd argue that the interconnection of systems etc is Architecting software, as is proper data structure design etc.

tracygjg profile image
Tracy Gilmore

Hi Mike,
How long did you sit for the photo?
Just kidding.
I agree with the points you made.

tracygjg profile image
Tracy Gilmore

Personally, I fine the term "Programming" and the role of a "Computer Programmer" a little old fashioned. Professionally I come across the term "Software Engineering" and role of "Software Engineer" far more often.
A big part of the Software Engineering process (or Software Development Life-Cycle) you missed out in you article above is testing. Irrespective of the team being large enough for dedicated Test Engineers, a Software Engineer is still responsible for proving their code works as they intended through the production of unit tests.

sashevuchkov profile image
Sashe V.

Cool :) I wasn't aware of the difference.

dnasedkina profile image

Simple and effective:)

evansifyke profile image
Melbite blogging Platform

Yeah sure