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I use an Ergodox-EZ which I like better than my Dygma Raise even though the learning curve is MUCH steeper

Long version:



Thanks for this feedback! I'm really looking to buy Ergodox-EZ
I'm currently using a Typematrix without letters on keys. So I know how to type without looking my keyboard, and also with one hand on each half of keyboard.
What kind of computer do you use ? Mac ? Win ? Linux ?


You're welcome!

I've been using a mac for the past 10+ years (might switch to Linux when my macbook pro dies though 🤔)
But, keyboard-wise, it doesn't really matter. Both the Ergodox-EZ and the Dygma Raise work well on the 3 major Operating Systems.

That's great then! The Typematrix is a pain to configure on MAC OS event with some app like Karabineer...

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