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think the url still be there, but in a hidden fashion on the address bar, like a cellphone browser, right? but why? i think this will be optional (i hope), but i could point some problems:

  1. debugging (we need the whole url available)
  2. navigation (sometimes its just easier to change a url param)
  3. will be easier to create fake webpages with similar addresses (lets go phishing then)

But the most important step i would point here is the end of the "navigation by memory". When i like a page, a service or something, i can memorize some parts of its url or even the whole url, i can change some url params to get faster on my destiny, because im always looking at it. If i dont see the whole url, i cant memorize where i am and where i want to go so easily, so i will need Google even more, even for the simplest things like remember a page signin address or a profile. The point is: you cant remember what you doesn't see. This is not a theory, just a digression, but it is believable, or Google just thought "oh it looks a lot better". Who knows Β―_(ツ)_/Β―


It sounds to me like the address bar doesn't truncate the URL, but only temporarily hides everything after the domain name until you interact with the address bar.

If Google is trying to appear to "own" everything, that's pretty freaking low. If the address bar were actually physically truncating the part of the URL you could interact with, that would probably only make me more irritated.

I'm using Brave, so I'm hoping there will be a setting included to turn this offβ€”heck, I would hope MS would make sure not to ship this feature too in EDGE.


"Google is trying to appear to 'own' everything". Yeah, which leads to another impression: "you cant find/remember anything without us".

Are we certain that Sundar Pichai isn't actually the Cyber Controller?

Tenth Doctor shaking his head

do you say about Sundar Pichai's decisions being aligned with some possible intentions of owning the internet?

Perhaps as phase one of eventually upgrading humans to cybermen...?

(Or maybe just to get obscenely rich. That's a valid theory too.)

maybe get obscenely rich by upgrading humans to cybermen u.u

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