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Discussion on: You Probably Don't Need a Mac

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Felippe Regazio • Edited on

I don't like windows. So, after using Linux for over 10 years i bought a mac. I stayed with it for two years, sold it and now i have a Linux again running on a Dell i7 16GB Ram and i couldn't be happiest. Some of my reasons were:

  • homebrew does not compare to any linux package manager
  • having to keep creating workarounds to get rid of things that come by default on the mac (php, ruby ​ and others) usually create conflicts in the environment
  • poor integration with android
  • there is no total control of the system, even if I don't always need it, it's an idea that makes me sick
  • installing some things seems unnecessarily complicated (like docker, sql and mongo), and in some cases it installs a GUI to manage mongo, sql and docker (?) in an attempt to make this task more friendly