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Linuxbrew as a font manager

Fernando Garcia Borges
I'm a software developer and Lisper. I love Lisp and JavaScript. My interests are Mathematical Linguistics and Modal Logic. The almost of my softwares are what I creates for my interests.
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In macOS we have a useful font manger homebrew with caskroom/homebrew-fonts, you could install various fonts with a command;

$ brew tap caskroom/fonts
$ brew install font-inconsolata
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While in Linux we have a fork of homebrew named linuxbrew and it doesn't supports caskroom. Today I propose you using new solution that is asciian/homebrew-fonts tap.To intall new font, you can just type;

$ brew tap linuxbrew/fonts
$ brew install font-inconsoltata --HEAD
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After the installation, we apply fonts into your system.

$ ln -s ~/.lixnubrew/share/fonts ~/.fonts
$ fc-cache -fv # Don't forget this!
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I wrote a Cask parser with parslet in Ruby and it translates Casks to Formulas. I would update this repository by the updates of caskroom/homebrew-fonts. If you want me to add new font, then you could submit the upstream caskroom/homebrew-fonts. I follow you by the updates of the upstream repository. Please check it out! Thank you.

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