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The word junior has become attached with quite some negative connotations. I think instead of using the title junior software engineer/developer, the 'junior' should be dropped and positions should be advertised as simply 'software engineer'. Furthermore, there should be an intermediate position as well as a senior position.


When I was looking for a job I really gave no thought to my own title. I sort of just naively proceeded. And it worked. Sometimes I wish other newer devs were less aware of a perceived hierarchy which erects walls in their own ambition.


Atleast at my company, the different roles in the 'hierarchy' are well defined, which in turn provides a clear idea of where you need to grow and what you need to improve for each jump.

Yeah, I don’t want to dismiss the value of the hierarchy, but my own head-in-the-clouds outlook on the whole thing really wound up being a feature and not a bug. I never felt like I had to pay my dues at any certain level.

The world sort of holds you to your title, but if it’s not important to you, it’s not necessary that you hold yourself to it.


When I was switched to Senior Software Engineer, it was brought up to me by a "junior" with awe in his eyes (less than 1 year in his career) and I told him I didn't even know since nobody had told me yet and that there was no difference from the week before as far as I was concerned.
Being in Japan, the hierarchy is important and so even the way he started to talk to me was more "reverent" ... It felt so strange that I stopped going to lunch with him.


When you are not worried about the title, the wall is the years of experience. When you go through the description and see a 5+ years required, it is hard to go forward. It is obviously aimed to senior developers.

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