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I think bootcamps are an indicator for multiple issues. A big one seems to be, that tertiary education is not cost-effective for many people. At least in the United States, the tuition fees are just obscene, at least from my point of view. But I'm speaking from the privileged position of someone, whose complete university education has cost only a fraction of what would have been charged for a single semester at an american college.

With regard to cost, a bootcamp might be a viable option, if it qualifies its participants for an entry level position. Because then the cumulative effect of paying less tuition and having 3.5 years or so of wages over your lifetime might be a good deal. But, I'm sceptical that 10 or 12 weeks of bootcamp will suffice to equip someone for the long run, I suspect there is a realistic chance of hitting the proverbial glass ceiling rather sooner that later.

The second big issue to me is, that the industry - in many parts of the world - expects a pool of qualified developers to fall from the sky. There is a lack of "Hire for attitude, train for skills" mentality. A few companies offer apprenticeship programs, which are in my opinion, a good way to bring in talent and bridge possible gaps with a very reasonable investment.


I’d love to see more apprentice roles. They’ve had a biy of a resurgence here in New Zealand recently in all areas of the workforce. Learning while earning has been the answer for other industries, why not ours?

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