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I started programming at a very young age. My dad, a software engineer, handed me a Java book to get started with. I started reading it, and nothing really stuck with me, despite really wanting to understand it. There were quizzes after every chapter...I cheated on all of them, which foreshadowed my hands-on learning style. I took a break after that. 😅

After a year, my interest was piqued again! I revisited the Java book, and wrote everything line by line. This time, I retained the information! From that point I kept asking my dad for exercises and things to learn. So, he gave me tasks that familiarized me with Java, MySQL, Linux, Bash, and using IDEs like Eclipse.

You can probably guess what kind of development he was doing at the time 😂.

Over the next few years I tinkered with C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript (&HTML/CSS), but was unsure of what I wanted to focus on.

Fast-forward to my senior year of high school, and I had joined a coding club within a digital arts class. There I wrote more JS, and actually played with the JS variant used by the Unity game engine.

Within a year of graduating high school, I got asked to join the WordPress project that ran the digital arts class I was in. I ended up leading that project for 5 years and taught myself PHP in the WordPress ecosystem. 🤮

I started doing some full stack web-dev freelance work here and there in college, while working other jobs. In 2016 I got a job working as a CSIS Tutor at one of my colleges. Since I already had practical knowledge of all the classes that I had to take for my CS degree, I would burn through the homework. With the spare time that I had, I worked on side projects to flesh out my portfolio, and searched for web dev opportunities.

I found my current position at the beginning of 2018, and now I'm here! I'm having a blast! 🎉😀🎉

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