What's your favorite sports team?

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Soccer ⚽️ is the major sports in Germany. I am also a big fan and regularly visit home and away matches of my favorite team Hannover 96. They currently play in the second division. I own a season ticket (which does not cost more than 170 USD) so I can visit all home matches if I want to.

I also watch American Football 🏈 lately. American Football gets a lot of screen time in German TV lately, however I am not that much into the rules and tactics. My favorite teams in Football are the 49ers (I traveled to San Francisco a few times and I really like the city) and the Dallas Cowboys.

What are your favorite sports teams?

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I love football as well(soccer).
My favorite team is Juventus FC in Italy.


Luton Town FC - My home town club. There's something peculiar about fervently wishing your team to succeed while simultaneously knowing that there'll always be many teams better than them. Looking forward to the new season after back-to-back promotions, yet sensing that they'll probably be out of their depth in the EFL Championship. COYH.


The only sport I care about doesn't have teams, tennis. I've never seen the appeal of popular sports like football ⚽️, basketball, or hockey. The dynamic is different and really doesn't interest me.


Do you have a favorite tennis player?

I played tennis a few times with co-workers and it was real fun, but I cannot imagine watching tennis in TV.


I guess you don't name Football 🏈 "American Football" in the United States? πŸ€”


As a general rule no unless speaking a language other than English. As far as I can tell, it's largely the same general logic as most people (not just Americans) not referring to their native language by dialect in everyday conversation.


For me:
Soccer - Juventus (Italy)
Rugby - Argentina / Stormers/Western Province (South Africa)
NHL - San Jose Sharks


Liverpool FC.. born and grew up in the city. In the US now and also watch Nebraska college volleyball and football


⚽️ - Borussia Dortmund
🏈 - New York Jets

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