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Gerardo Alcantara
Gerardo Alcantara

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Where do you save your go to Documentation.

Normally I add bookmarks in the browser but this last time I made a dashboard on pinterest.

I wonder how you save those resources or documentation?
Those who you may go back and see them again.

I take the opportunity to leave the link to my board where you can find documentation about accessibility on the web #a11y.

a11y (508 compliant)

Documentation Is a big part of the beginner path

Code πŸ’

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I save documentations (or other interesting articles) in Evernote. If the documentation isn't already in form of a PDF I save it as one. The whole process of saving it to Evernote only takes a few seconds. And similar to Pinterest, I have my notes or documentations in one place which I can access from different devices.

The advantage in Evernote for me is, that I can work easily with the documentations. Means in the PDF-form I can mark important things or write notes next to it.
Plus, I can search in Evernote for the specific documentation or article I'm looking for. That made my life a little bit easier.

On the other hand Pinterest has the advantage that you can share your collected documentations ver easy with other interested programmers. So there's that ...

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Thomas H Jones II

Links have a bad tendency of becoming invalid over time. If I had to actually research something, I usually add an entry in my tech-blog about it (since I know that's always going to be there).

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Gerardo Alcantara

πŸ˜“ that sound really hard imagine the w3c standards in your posts to have a place to go for documentation.

but it sound fun to do.