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Discussion on: Ask the engineering manager: career development paths in tech companies from junior, through senior, to staff

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Gergely Orosz Ask Me Anything

I personally see people like the 10x developer to be damaging at a team level. I would argue the "10x developer" and the "brilliant jerk developer" are often close to each other. This kind of culture celebrates individual contribution with little collaboration, but at the cost of a dysfunctional team.

In some circumstances, this could be a good thing: like a cash-strapped startup, who can only afford to hire one or two developers would thrive initially working with such a person.

However, the way I look at it, I'm looking to build high-performing teams (and later, high-performing organizations). With the right people and right motivation, some teams will work 2-3x as fast or as good, as others. The industry, as a whole, seems to be moving away from the 10x developer concept, in favor of teamwork and mentorship.

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How much does economics come into play when hiring software engineers? I think companies whether small or big want to increase there profits and 1 way of doing is to hire in 10x hackers/full stack devs in small numbers.

Another problem which I see with this paradigm is burnout. By having 10x hackers to do everything, companies are becoming complicit in the outcome which mentally & physically stressful. Working 40-50 hrs (even 70 hrs especially if you're a video game developer) on every level of application development is unrealistic.

Employees are humans not androids......