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Discussion on: Buildless Vuejs

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Giorgos Kontopoulos πŸ‘€


As far as I can tell vue cli 3 does a pretty good job at producing a clean and lean/optimized build that can be just pushed to production.

Is there a real use case for buildless-vue ? I am not being judgemental. I am not an expert on Vue.js and hence the question.

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Julian Lamprea

of course!! you can found several use cases, for instance, you can have your website in WordPress or something similar, and then use Buildless VueJS to create a better Register Form with fancy features like a Wizard Assistance. (I just did it in a client's website)

I usually have to work with WordPress plugins, so I really love Buildless VueJS, it allow me integrate VueJS only on specific zones and put it on a simple plugin in a very easy way.

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Kyle Parisi Author

Fair question. It's a matter of preference and needs. I suspected that my coworker hated anything cli related so I tried to make it as easy as possible for them. If the project were public facing, I probably would have used a build step (as all of our public projects do) regardless of my coworkers opinions. If I have to start another internal project, I probably will repeat this pattern because it's easy on the mind and spirit.