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Discussion on: I added a JavaScript arcade game to my portfolio's homepage

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Liam Arbuckle

Hey @chrisgreening ! Looks amazing...

I'm interested in seeing how flask can be used for personal sites, would you be in favour of open-sourcing your portfolio on gh?

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Chris Greening Author

I plan on open sourcing it sometime soon! There's just a bit of work I wanna do on it before its ready to be released; I'll let you know here when I do 😄

Currently I'm mostly using Flask for managing my photography portfolio that's also hosted on the site. I have user auth setup for an admin account that let's me upload/edit/delete photos:

Cat sleeping in sunshine

I also have a simple contact form on the site that sends me emails.

The plan is to eventually add a blog section and portfolio section that will be managed through Flask and then from there whatever other creative ideas I can come up with