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To Die List: My first indie app!

To Die List - Complete your tasks before they die! | Product Hunt Embed

I made my first app as an indie dev! It's a todo list app with some gamification dust sprinkled on it. The idea is that every time you create a todo/task, there's a timer running down. If you complete the job before the timer hits zero, some additional time is added to the timer for the rest of your tasks. But instead, if the timer hits zero, then one of your tasks will be randomly killed(deleted).

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The app is currently available on Android only. If people end up liking the Android version, I'll make one for IOS. Here are the links:

The pro version offers additional features such as dark mode and starrable todos. I'd really appreciate it if you could buy the pro version and help me in my indie app journey!

I'd love to hear feedback from you guys. Please feel free to let me know about any suggestions and bugs you may find.

How I built this

I've made this app using flutter which allows you to create cross-platform apps. Flutter makes it really easy to quickly build mobile apps. If you know React, flutter is a weekend job to learn. If you don't, then two weekends are enough!

🌟 I made some Cheat-Sheets
🚀 Stalk me on Instagram | Github | Twitter | Website
😄 Have a wonderful day!

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Peyton McGinnis

Creative! 😄

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Sahil Bondre

Thanks a ton 😊