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Hi all! My name is Victor, I've been lurking around here for a while and I figured I would finally step up and introduce myself.

In order to exist in our capitalist society, I work for a prominent college and help manage their websites, which are built on Drupal.

For my own enjoyment, I am studying programming languages (currently Javascript) in order to build my own programming languages so that I can make some super weirdo crazy stuff.

Quick Facts!

  • I am self taught, with all the invisible icebergs that I anticipate hitting head-on every day.
  • My GitHub account looks like a junk drawer: @goodnovember
  • My views are my own and not necessarily that of my employer.
  • Trans Rights are Human Rights.
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Hi Victor!
Building your own programming language sounds really cool, please let me know when I can join you in the weirdo crazy stuff!

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Nathan Eggers

Hi Victor! Self-taught programming can be tricky, but it does shape you into the programmer you want to be. I've learned the hard way how college can push you sharply into certain IDE's and programming languages. Sometimes I wish I could go back to self-study... it was slow-going at times though.

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Hey, welcome! All the respect to you for becoming a self-taught coder!

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Ben Halpern

Welcome Victor!

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¡Hola victor! También soy self-taught en javascript y en mis inicios pensé en crear mi propia librería/lenguaje, la única diferencia es que ni siquiera imaginé el montón de icebergs que supone ser autodidacta jaja Deduje por tu nombre que también hablas español, pero pensándolo bien, no es una idea muy solida. Anyway, have a good day!

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dr. jess

Hi Victor!

I'm self taught (peer taught? youtube taught?) also! I totally understand the invisible icebergs. How have you found learning javascript in comparison with other languages you have worked with?