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Jermaine Oppong
Jermaine Oppong

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Flutter for React developers video series

Picking the right tools for development is important when building a good app. The common mantra "write once, deploy everywhere" has proven to be effective from solutions like Phonegap or Ionic or NativeScript.

Flutter is a contender by Google designed to enable developers to build cross-platform applications. These applications will run on the web, mobile and desktop. It's also written in Dart, which makes it easy to pick up in a couple of hours.

Flutter is mainly inspired by React with some noteworthy improvements. For example apps written for mobile are compiled ahead-of-time to machine code, so that means that the underlying language the app was written in does not enter production. This carries the benefit of not having to ship with the Dart VM, thus, drastically reducing app size and increasing performance.

Part 1

Part 2

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

How come you're not recognized as GDE?
The impact you've contributed is huge already.

Thank you for these tutorials.

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