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Vue 3 Composition API +

Migrating from Vue 2 to Vue 3, you might want to start using Composition API.

If you want to use you can search 'vue 3' and find You will see following in it's readme:

this.sockets.subscribe('EVENT_NAME', (data) => {
    this.msg = data.message;
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But Vue 3 Composition API is about to use setup() or <script setup> and there's no this.

So you have to use directly, without Vue plugin:

export const useSocketIO = () => {
    const socket = io('ws://localhost:3000')
    return {
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import { defineComponent } from 'vue'
export default defineComponent({
    setup() {
        const { socket } = useSocketIO()
        socket.on('welcome', () => { console.log('welcome') })
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But why not just export socket from and import it in a component? If I do that, I can emit events but cannot subscribe on them. Maybe it's because I use Quasar 2 with SSR mode.

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Konstantin BIFERT

You are not obliged to use the Composition API, you can also use the Options API with Vue3. Otherwise, yeah making a homemade vanilla solution is still the best way to go IMO.

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