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70 people, and the specific project I work on is made by 5 people. I've worked in larger teams in the past (50/100 developers) and I prefer working on smaller teams. At the moment I'm the sole iOS developer in the company, and I get to work on some stuff on the backend in Python and I help the colleague working on Android as well, and I act as a PM for some customers. This is something harder to achieve in a bigger company, where you usually focus on one aspect of the product and have other people responsible for QA and dealing with customers. I can see the big picture here, and I always have a say in meaningful architectural changes to our platform. The only thing I miss is code review, working with other developers with similar skills helps a lot because you can always learn something from a coworker, while here I'm the only one knowing ObjC and Swift so nobody is contributing to my code base.

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