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Kirill Shestakov
Kirill Shestakov

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What makes you a productive learner?

What is your secret? What are some minor things that help?

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Junio Santos

The best way to learn something is to teach something, so writing articles, recording audios explaining about a topic like you are teaching somebody, this makes you retain so much info with less effort.

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Sérgio Araújo

To me three things are essential:

1 - Use initial motivation to create good habits, because motivation eventually goes away
2 - Take notes, in my case a personal wiki, so I revisit content easily
3 - Try as much as possible to revisit the content, because our memory takes recurrence into account.

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Nikita Koselev

That is a great question. Let me think about it and write an article on the topic :)
I can use software and natural languages as an example, if that is OK with you.

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Andrew Baisden

When I learn something new I write about it in an article that I can use for reference in the future. I also turn what I learn into content that I share on social media.

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John Peters

Taking jobs that force me to learn in areas I had little experience.

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Write code