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Discussion on: Why is the software industry so competitive?

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David Wickes

Compared to my previous career(s), software development is a cushy gig where people get away with all kinds of incompetence and cover it with either handwavy management talk, or handwavy 'computers are hard' talk. I've seen people who should've been fired or retired or promoted into the netherworld still out there hacking away, secure and well paid. I've seen a 'senior' developer who worked for two years as a 'team leader' (and is still to my knowledge) whom I strongly suspect has no idea how an HTTP request/response works.

It's difficult to demonstrate that an engineer is bad at their job, to the point where I'd say that it's easier to demonstrate that marketing works. And that's near impossible.

Maybe it's different in the US.

Looking at @ben 's comment:

If you're never good enough, you're always comparing and competing.

Isn't the problem that we're creating our own competition with other, fictional selves or people, spurred on by nonsense articles about how I'm meant to learn VueJS or whatever?

Garbage like:

Inspiring paranoia and insecurity. This is the real problem, not actual competition in what strikes me as (still) an unsaturated marketplace.