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Hasan Ali
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The Killer Framework to Generate SaaS Ideas for Martech

When it comes to building SaaS products, every tool out there is a solution to a problem that an audience is facing.
The biggest problem that marketing companies and agencies are facing is where to spend their next dollar for their marketing campaign.

The only reason why the Martech landscape has grown exponentially in the past couple of years is that marketing companies are always looking forward to upgrading themselves through technology, replacing their existing processes with automation, and to build effective and efficient strategies for their campaigns.

While working in a growth marketing agency I have followed a framework to come up with ideas and build Martech solutions for different industries.


Analytics is one of the basic components of marketing, where you record and analyze events. It gives a holistic view of a marketing campaign, giving insights about how an audience is reacting towards a campaign, what actions they're taking, and from which platform the campaign is getting a positive response.

Based on the data from analytics, marketing teams predict and pivot marketing strategies to get effective results.
Analytics tools do a very basic job, that is they track campaigns, users, and events, then report them on a dashboard. Now by using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, analytics tools are also predicting the upcoming reports to give marketers a chance to adjust their campaigns for better results.


Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal.
In the era of social media, marketing companies don't rely on surveys and estimations, they exactly need to know the audience they're targeting, what are their sentiments about a topic, how they will react towards a campaign, what are they interested in, what type of content they consume, etc.
Technologies like AI, ML, and Data Science have made a profound change in marketing. The whole point of marketing intelligence is to collect data from different sources and conclude results using different algorithms like behavioral and pattern recognition.

Social listening tools are the best example of Marketing Intelligence. It grabs the data from different social networks and using Artificial Intelligence predicts in-depth audience insights.


The world of marketing is moving towards automation. From programmatic advertisements to No-Code tools, automation in marketing is a need of today.

Marketing companies and agencies are always in search of tools to automate their repetitive processes, allowing teams to do what they do best and bring more sales.

There are already many marketing automation tools available as it's easy to create some scripts to automate any task. Marketing automation is not limited to just lead generation, now everything is getting automated by a tool.

Customer Relationship Management

Whether it's a small e-commerce business or a multinational brand, everyone is marketing on multiple channels to capture audiences of all kinds, and keeping track of all marketing stats. Giving the right service to customers requires an intense amount of effort and time.

That's where CRM comes in, it tracks all the stats and metrics of marketing and sales and provides options to provide support to customers to maintain a good relationship.

CRMs that are already in the market are extensively built to cater all the problems, but small and medium enterprises are always in search of easy to use and affordable solutions and that's your sweet spot to build a tool for this market.
It's a general-purpose frame that can apply to any industry. Let's say you want to build tools for the e-commerce market then this framework would be changed into

Analytics tools for e-commerce
Intelligence tools for e-commerce
Automation tools for e-commerce
CRM/Support tools for e-commerce

Final Words

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. - Robert Greene

Whether you're looking for an idea for a startup to pursue your entrepreneur journey or for a side project to build your brand and polish your skills, this stack can help you to come up with sure-fire Martech ideas for any market.

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