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Discussion on: My new website 😊

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Muhammad Hasnain • Edited

I'll be honest with you. First of all, you are using React.js for a static front-end site, all I see is the root element. Not sure to what extent it might effect the SEO and previews but I think there are better alternatives.

Secondly, the website FEELS slow. The image loads slowly, the typewriter text effect is unnecessary because I just wanted to see what was written there and had to wait for the typewriter! Not to forget the scaled animation on element below the typewriter element.

Check pageinsights, despite your image being small, it is almost 300 KBs in size and uses JPG compression instead of JPEG or PNG. Convert it to JPEG and compress it, will be reduced to barely 15 KBs.

Overall, the problem with the design is that it does not inspire anyone to continue. You should have a full front-end page where you have call to actions, along with enticing projects and skill sets.

Sure, have an about page and all but a full front page with clear intentions of selling yourself and CTAs to make it easy for people to connect with you. Finally, please, don't put your blog on the same domain with React app. In case, you do, try to see how its being ranked SEO wise and also if the previews are engaging enough.

Use this to see how your site is being previewed.

Honestly, I'd say go with WordPress. If you want to make things fancy and complex, go with Gatsby or a full node server or whatever. Unless you're building a website that is technically very impressive, I'd say stick to the things that will work in your favor.

Thanks for sharing your portfolio, have a great day!