Be careful of Frameworks And Libraries, They Are Pure Evil!

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The title of the post may be a little scary, but in fact, it's so true IF YOU FULLY DEPEND ON FRAMEWORKS OR LIBRARIES in all of your programming career.

DIY Is your neglected friend

Do It Yourself concept is really missing a lot these days thanks to the too many frameworks that make your life much easier.

Are Frameworks And Libraries Pure Evil?

Well, this is a tricky question, but to answer it we need first to check the following list of criteria to truly evaluate that theory.

  • Do you know what happen behind scenes in these 3rd parties frameworks and libraries?
  • Can you reproduce same result by yourself?
  • Do you really not have enough time to make whatever you want by your own self?
  • Do you have that much amount of experience to depend on others's code to complete your task much quicker?

When to use frameworks

Based on the previous list of criteria, we can conclude some points regarding using a framework or not as follows:

  • Does the application really require a framework to be built it?
  • You have a little time for your project?
  • Want to gain some new experience from using that framework in the new project?
  • Do you work in a team or solo?

In my opinion these points should be considered to determine if you're going to use a framework or not.

When not to use frameworks

There could be some reasons to not use a framework in your project(s), but the most important reason for me is your programming level will be much much much better when you try to code whatever thing by yourself, this will leverage your experience to the next level, at least you know what you're doing and gets only what you want exactly the same way you want it to be done.

I hope to think again about using frameworks or nay other libraries after you read this post


Using frameworks or not is really up to you not to the market in the first place, but you need to be smart to choose when to use a framework or not based on your current circumstances, DO NOT get rush NOR linger when to decide which path to take for your next project.


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