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The Marvelous Misadventures Of My Career: Pilot

Before I got the current job that I love, I faced many interesting trials, mishaps and failures. The journey was filled with undulations, existential crises and imposter syndrome experiences.

While still back in university, a friend of mine sent me an SMS explaining an internship being offered at the university and it dealt with software development. At the time I was at home recovering from the cramming of exams. I read his text and rushed off to the place. It was a startup that built health solutions with a Health NGO. My friend and I were hired. It was fun, rigorous and engaging building IT health solutions that were actually being used on the ground in rural areas. I could see my tech skills building. The director of the NGO encouraged openness, hard work and growth. He always did his best to light up the place when he came to the office. This internship went on for a year and later it became a job after our final year. Just after graduation, the Health Solutions NGO decided to change things up a bit and offer us a paid master scholarship. Some of my friends jumped on the idea but I had none of it. I wanted to develop solutions not be in class. Plus I had already taken a diploma and degree in the same university. I needed a break. So I rejected the offer and one lecturer had a sit down with me explaining why taking a masters now is important and all that paraphernalia. I knew he was pushing the university’s agenda to have as many people in the newly made masters programme. They way he presented the programme was like we should either take the masters or take the masters. I looked the other way, and a good job was dropped by my hand. But I was determined to get a new job.

Tune in for Ep.1: Ghost Software Development

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Ben Halpern

This is going to be a great series!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

The suspense!

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HawiCaesar • Edited
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Hamza Ouaghad

Quick read, thanks!