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re: Helen: Excellent points! I would like to add another one which could help others and that is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team me...

That's a good call. My team are doing a DISC profile session with some of the internal trainers soon to cover our work styles, how we prefer to communicate and the kind of work we enjoy. I was really surprised the last time we did this exercise how different we were and how we prefer doing different things.


That sounds awesome. I wish more companies did that!

I found it really useful last time we did it so I'm looking forward to the session.

I was in a different team at that point with fewer people. Once I realised that one of my colleagues enjoyed doing all her thinking by brainstorming as a group and I prefer to start work on a project when there is a rough plan and more structure we started getting on great.

She stopped inviting me to workshops where she would talk through ideas and I would get to give her my opinion when she had an idea of where she wanted the project to go.

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