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Usually they (bosses) think not, but learning constantly is part of the job and should to be done in working hours, precisely to have this work-life balance.


My problem is opposite, my employees don’t spend time to learn anything and they always come with execuse as they had so much to code!! I constantly remind that 80% learning and 20% coding will yield better results then 1% learning and 99% coding.


This is super strange, unusual 🤔 They develop a good code? Not a deprecated code? You always can offer some conference/workshop tickets, it's a great way to do a pause on development and have a good time to learn.

Learning has to be everyday, I can't send them to conference/workshop everyday !! Also if they don't know how to learn by themselves, they will not do anything on conference/workshop.

Try starting a Friday lunch and learn. Then it’s one dev presenting learning each week.

Also code reviews are great opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Akash, I think if they don't want to learn anything new, sooner or later you'll have to replace them with someone who is more competent and with more skills.

Only if reviewer is smart, otherwise all code is great!!


Try organizing them knowledge sharing sessions. Do it in working hours, so you actually show it that's important for you that they learn.

You can also try organizing coding dojos.

Buy them books, or online library subscription.

You think I haven’t tried all this? It’s just their habit which is very difficult to change as they grow older.

When you say "my team", do you mean you manage them or you are their teammate?

I said, 'my employees', so I am not directly managing teams, but yes, in a way, I do manage.


Just changing jobs now and this is one of my parting words to my last boss. I recommended 80% is the max anyone should be specifically on work, then 20% learning, essentially every Friday should be devoted to upskilling and presenting what you learned. Code reviews (on pull requests) should be super standard and if your not doing this, seriously make a change.

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