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Can't import ModelConfigurationDetails in the OCI notebooksession using conda env


I am using OCI notebook session for model deployment. cloned oci-python-sdk in the env env: Python [conda env:generalmachinelearningforgpusv1]

(/home/datascience/conda/generalmachinelearningforgpusv1) bash-4.2$ oci --version 2.16.1

Facing below error:

    import oci
    from oci.data_science import DataScienceClient, DataScienceClientCompositeOperations
    from oci.data_science.models import ModelConfigurationDetails
    ERROR:ads:ADS Exception
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/datascience/conda/generalmachinelearningforgpusv1/lib/python3.6/site- 
    packages/IPython/core/", line 3343,

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