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Discussion on: I tracked a breakup in a database

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Harshad Sharma Author

Thank you for your inspiring post!

To answer your question in short, yes. It seems like a necessary but not sufficient cause, at least in my experience. Long answer continues...

I desperately wanted stability and was willing to go to great lengths for it, this I believe helped me to log mood changes especially when I felt defeated or low.

The change came by in bursts of often humbling realizations of how I reacted instead of taking my time to respond, the logs showed my fears were consistently inflated. I learned to jokingly appreciate my strong imagination instead of giving it the entire stage and fearing it as a result.

I remember pausing before typing into the 'implications' after a few days of follow-ups. I had seen how my fears had played out in the past days (nothing came of them) and I made it a point to go back and read the notes again and again. As the evidence against my fears and reactions mounted, and since I was the one collecting it - I did not become defensive when accepting my mistakes and required changes. I suppose that's an important part as well.

I ran the experiment for several weeks, even after the breakup until my mood sort-of stabilized in the positive range. Watching the graph stabilize in itself was another boost, a clear feedback that I was on the correct path.

Hope this response helps!

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Wow, that's awesome! Learning how to re-frame your perspective can be such a valuable tool. I'm gonna keep this bookmarked and come back to it