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Why Coding should be compulsory in Primary Schools of developing countries?

It is safe to say that the technological advancement all the across the world is driven by the development in information technology. Software developers and programmers are constantly trying to come up with new software applications and algorithms that can generate value for the stakeholders and can revolutionize the user experience. The need for better software applications is constantly increasing, owing to the digitisation of almost all business activities at a global scale. Moreover, the massive popularity of smartphones and smartphone applications also demand the development of new software for the users.
However, the rising popularity and demand for the knowledge of coding can only be met if such training is provided at an early age and across the entire world. Coding should be made compulsory and should be made a part of the curricular for all schools. It is necessary for the authorities to understand the potential importance of coding and how it can have a good impact on job market. The growing demand for coders indicates that anyone with the knowledge of coding will have a good opportunity to land on good jobs.
Even though coding has become an integral part of the curriculum in many countries, but in order to enrich the global talent pool, more emerging economies should take the initiative of producing more programmers and software developers. This is only possible if the students from a very early age are given the opportunity to learn coding where they can explore new career possibilities. Moreover, the knowledge of coding will also allow them to develop their own applications, thereby working as freelance programmers as well. At present, coding is quite popular only among fragmented groups and communities. Many students make extra time for coding by buying more time from cheap writing service by PenMyPaper. This allows them to pursue their hobby and passion.
In the near future, it can be hoped that more developing nations will introduce coding in the school curriculum, in order to make the students capable of becoming programmers and software developers. Not only will it help to improve the national economy but at the same time it will also be beneficial for the students as well. Thus, it can be highlighted that introducing coding at an early age of the students is highly essential in the long run.

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