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re: I think in that freedom we can try without fear. Totally; I think we really need to have an environment where we feel okay to be ourselves, and t...

Thanks Andy!

Interesting point about saying "I think" too much

Yea, I agree it's nuanced! Haha yeah people can be more forgiving for sure but in my situation the people that told me did it from a good place 🙂.

I don't know if it was just my default to say it. In my view I just don't want to come off as saying this is the way we should do things or my idea is right, but I also use it in a lot of settings where it's something about me or a fact and there really isn't a point to say "I think". Are we just having a lack of commitment or doubt, I guess (that's another one) it depends on the context. All these "I think", maybe, etc is interesting - I find myself saying it throughout this whole conversation like you notice! Is everything just a question or suggestion? Haha it does keep us humble but others might find it off-putting, especially in a leadership position/situation where there are people that are looking to you for a direct answer or response. Actually yeah I think that is the case where that should be looked into the most.

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